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Apr 23, 2020

Blue pea flowers & tea

As I am running out of my green, white and oolang teas during the covid19 lockdown, I got an opportunity to diversify my teas and change my tea habits. An interesting addition to my teas comes in the form of Blue pea.

red dwarfs story in pictures

There has never been a grand plan or design for our garden. Our little wild garden, shaped by all its inhabitants including us, has emerged organically over the years. Even while I am sure that this garden wouldn’t have been what it is without our participation, our approach has been that of minimal, gradual changes called for by our needs, and in response to the garden itself. Being what it is, our garden has some mysteries in stock, that it often reveals.

It was while trying to harvest Ivy gourds from a vine that had climbed up a henna tree, that we found a hive of the red dwarf honey bee. Delighted as we were about Ivy gourds, we were more delighted that the red dwarfs had made our henna tree their home.

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